You can say something Hurtful in 10 seconds

You can say something Hurtful in 10 seconds

Some people never get how bad words can hurt a person why because they not on the receiving end of the hurtful words. ~ Tracy Johnson 

There’s a big difference between hate, anger and hurt feelings. Cruel words can be forgiven but the wound can last for a very long time. If a spouse or a parent tells you something like you’re worthless or something worse, verbal abuse over time, can have a lasting effect. It’s complicated. But it does exist and many therapist are busy helping people overcome the damage. ~ Brigitte Nicole

Our words can be very powerful and be very hurtful. Of course there are people out there who are more resilient than others. There are those who are able to process hurtful comments and it does not hurt their image of themselves. Just because there are people of great strength and resiliency out there does not relieve ourselves of a compassionate approach to those who are not so resilient. A loving environment encourages their growth. Our responsibility for ourselves is to work on being the confident resilient person for we will run into unkind words along the way.

We all should be careful with what we are saying because we should be aware that our words can hurt others. It’s a good idea not to speak while we are very upset. It’s better to calm down first and then discuss the matter. Personally I want to think twice before uttering words that might hurt my loved ones because even if they will forgive me, my unkind words can have a negative effect on their lives. ~ Richard Rochford 

Parents should be careful what they say to children. Constant name calling, belittling, or put downs can damage children, even into their adult years. ~ Joanne Buczynski 

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