You can never replace some people in your Life

Some people come into your Life

Maybe you are the one that can’t be replaced. Maybe you were brought into their life to teach them something but they didn’t learn the lessen until they no longer had you in their life. But maybe they knew it after they messed up and lost you. You was their loss not the other way around. 

People come and go. One’s life is like a revolving door with entries and exits. Some touch our lives and make a difference, others leave no visible sign that they were even there, so insignificant is their presence, their very absence no longer felt or even missed. Some are irreplaceable and their absence makes the heart feels torn apart as though a tiny part of it left with their departure. It’s heartbreaking to endure this aching loss forever more. ~ Margaret Young 

Some come in and no matter how much you may think you want them back time will come. You’re so grateful for a lesson learned and cannot even imagine returning to someone who was willing to see you as less, asked you to compromise who you are, made you for settle for less for so long that you got your knees and actively thank God for the lessons of the past not having to be the lessons of your future. I at least finally at some point understood that I was a bright shiny child of God and I deserved the best of everything that his world on earth and in Heaven had to offer. ~ Dina Marie 

There are several people that have been in my life and I loved them very much, when they left I was so heart broken and thought I would never find another to love. But that’s not true, people come and go all the time. I have learned to just enjoy what time we had together. ~ Thomas Rubenstein 

Looking at “replacing” them is a mistake. If we see each person we meet as an individual with their own unique strengths and weaknesses it’s more realistic to move on if we lose them. But I get that what some people bring into our life is so unique and so affecting that it’s hard to imagine finding that again in someone else. And in order to heal, move on, let go, etc., we have to have faith that the way we felt with those we’ve lost can be felt again with someone new. ~ Kelli Gatlin 

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