You are not responsible for someone else’s happiness

You are not responsible for someone else's happiness

Everyone is responsible for there own happiness, it is not something that you can give anyone. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t love them or be there for them or do for others, We are all responsible for our own feelings and happiness comes from within us not from others. Even people who come from the best nurturing end up not being happy. Things or people don’t bring happiness unless we are happy inside. Things and others can make us feel good but if we don’t have that happiness inside us and know that we are responsible for it we really aren’t happy with ourselves. Sometimes people become co-dependent and they think that if they aren’t making another person happy that some how they are responsible to do this they are not. It doesn’t mean you are selfish it means that being co-dependent isn’t healthy because it robs each person of their own happiness and puts a lot of unnecessary worry and over caring on that person. We all need to take responsibility for ourselves be kind, caring and loving but not the one that is responsible for anyone else’s happiness. ~ Beverly Nelson 

I spent my life trying to make my dearest family happy. It was this smile on their faces that made me proud of myself and feeling I important in this life. After so many years I discovered that happiness is not what I know, it is what they believe it is and it is never the same. It changes with days and circumstances. Actually I ended up losing my own happiness because despite of all did, I could not make them happy. I lost myself into them. Now I don’t even know how to make myself happy and I realized now that to make others happy, you better start with yourself. ~ Abeer Shennawy 

You should just want to be happy yourself which will in turn vibe outwards to other people. You cannot make everyone happy. Just because you can, does not mean you should. Sometimes, you need to let people find it themselves. Guide them a little, but do not take it on. ~ Daniel Abda 

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