When the past calls, let it go to voicemail

When the past calls, let it go to voicemail

Don’t be tempted to listen to it if it’s negative or brings you down. Better yet, use caller ID. ~ Rosemarie Om 

I wouldn’t answer the call, the past is where it belongs, look towards the future. ~ Angie Kelly 

You should deal with it and leave it there if it keeps calling. ~ Koren Betker 

Having contact with past relationships does not help, it breaks up relationships & happy homes. ~ Judy Allard 

Past is good as all recall should be. Bad pasts surface for moments of learning but should not be let to hang around for a wee too long. Not in my house. ~ Nancy Staker 

Sometimes things in the past weren’t dealt with, so, if it comes calling later on, perhaps things have indeed changed; sure, let it go to voice mail, but don’t assume that it’s got nothing new to say; sometimes, when we are given enough time to mature, we see the past differently, more compassionately and, if the past contains good, isn’t that part of “eternal life”, to have good memories? ~ Juelann Mark 

Take care of the past and ensure it doesn’t affect your future in a negative way. 

Sometimes having bad situation in the past, make us a better person in the present because we’ve learned after getting hurt.

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