When someone come into your life

When someone come into your life

Eyes are the souls windows, every person I’ve locked eyes with for better or worse I knew would have a very deep impact and everyone did and everyone of them helped to change my life and entered for a reason. I’m not a person of chance, I’m a person of spiritual nature and I understand this. Why they suddenly leave us because were so connected to them in ways no one else will understand but some people come only for a reason and when that reason and mission has served its purpose, we go different ways so we can both grow, some will come back later, but some never will. ~ Stephanie Wolfe

There are also times when you meet someone and have no idea how close the two of you will become, and how important that person will become in your life. ~ Linda Rogers

Sometimes you dream about that person and when you finally meet them you are so stunned you don’t know what to say. ~ Joy Raab

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