When real love begins?

Real love begins where nothing is expected in return

Love that comes from the heart and not the head is the best love.

When love is not returned, it makes for a sad, lonely life for the giver. You can still love the person without expectation, but at some point you need to move on for your own happiness. It’s easy to ‘not expect’ love when you are already have it. 

Love comes when you don’t expect it. It’s not love if you expect it. If someone loves you when do nothing and at your worst behavior, that is true love. If someone loves you because of what you do for them, it’s not true love. ~ Arman Reyes 

That is how are parents love us. They just give give and give for us, provide for us, take care of us because they love us so much and want to see us happy. ~ Nighat Baig 

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