When he fell in love with her

That’s when he fell in love with her

It’s nice to be comfortable in your own skin.

Natural beauty’s definitely more attractive then way too much clown paint on your face. ~ Matthew Osorno

Loving someone when they have on no make-up, jewellery, stylish clothes, stylish hairstyle, etc, is pure love and attraction. If you don’t love someone when they’re at their worst, don’t bother to love them when they’re at their best. ~ Shana Barrett

People who are attracted to you because of your pretty face or nice body, won’t be by your side forever. But the people who can see how beautiful your heart is, will never leave you. ~ Sadhana Ray

Never seen such beauty in my short life, such perfection such glory until that day, she glows like a moon over dark seas, the sun over desert, the stars in the darkness of universe, her beauty possessed even the blood red of roses, her beauty blinded the owls of the nights, drunken the monsters of stories, brought down the heroes of the history, shook the heart of the earth and turned the passion of it into the hottest volcanoes of love, such rare piece of jewel such diamond among the rocks, such blessed creature. Love her even though I have failed to find her. ~ Oscar Winner

The first time my husband laid eyes on me I had just finished a shift at the coffee shop I worked in. I had ‘hat hair’, my skin was covered with grease and my uniform splattered with bean juice. He saw none of that. We have been together for ten years now. ~ Emma Coupe

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