The worst part about being strong

The worst part about being strong

The real pain is that people only see the strong side and never know how much effort you have to put into looking this way. ~ Aleksandra Leciejewska 

Being strong is not always that kind of in absence of tears that others may observe. It’s indeed the strength in you because you have the ability to stand still whatever circumstances arise, but when you’re all alone. Strong person cries a lot, bend knees and ask guidance from the Lord. Strong person can be deeply wounded but know how to heal himself as far as his faith is concern. ~ Lhanz Ubaldo 

Sometimes you need a hug. I can deal with being alone to face medical stuff, but it’s nice when someone notices. Being strong doesn’t mean you’re okay. Everyone needs encouragement. God didn’t mean for us to turn our backs on the “strong”, he tries to send help to keep them strong. The people that don’t ask if someone is okay or if they can do something for them, are the ones that don’t feel God guiding them to show kindness and compassion. ~ Christine Gordon 

Even if we aren’t feeling that strong we never reveal it. I always say “Oh, I’m fine”, but can be crying on the inside, but the sun will always shine again. Tomorrow is another day, have faith to keep going. ~ Margaret Schmidt 

The only person that will know if your ok is yourself. Personal belief in yourself identifies you as a strong person. ~ Janelle Lee 

It’s all good if no one asks. You know you are strong and you know you have God to lean on. ~ Melanie Misner 

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