The tragedy of Life is not death

The tragedy of Life is not death

We hardened our hearts and look the other way just to make it through each day that passes, slowly hating of self sets in, start to think we deserved whatever is going on, then death of self sets in. ~ Rose Gagnon 

If only we realized our full potential and overcame our fear to change from the familiar, our comfort zone would expand and encompass more of what the universe has to offer. ~ Savvas Antoniades 

There is a great comfort in the fact that nothing really dies, but goes to a deep sleep, and can be born and awaken with an open, curious mind and a brave heart. ~ Jennifer Joseph 

I will never let die my passion, whatever people can think or say. ~ Garneta Nuweiba 

I’ve finally realized this after a few years in a hell hole. Time for a change. ~ Serena McCoy 

When I got shot, I died for a short while, and the death, I didn’t mind, but it’s what I seen that was most disturbing and when I came back it was then I realized what it was I had let die inside of me, and that my friends was God. ~ Jimmy Hatfield 

Sometimes people say and do things that truly hurt and then your suppose to smile. Act like everything is okay. Inside you feel like your dying. I pray that during those times of self hatred that we look to God for the love and help that He can give us. ~ Laura Overland 

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