Tears flow silently through the soul and cleanses the heart

Tears flow silently through the soul and cleanses the heart

Tears soften and strengthens the heart, while anger weakens the heart, leaving it exposed to heart diseases. ~ Lynn Hopper

Your anger, undeservedly directed at others, is hurtful and wrong. When you haven’t dealt with your own issues and so let your anger get out of your control, you are in the wrong, and complicate in creating a world of tension and hate. ~ John Rapach

Tears washes the window of the soul so that we can see clearly again. Anger happen, but it need to be contained so that we do not give our soul to the one who seek to control it. He gave as a spirit to rule over sin. Anger is feeling that can start a fury, we need to control that feeling. ~ Susan Berrange

 Depends” where you’re at”. For years I buried anger which can lead to depression. The anger had to come out and I had to learn how to deal with it appropriately – needs to be acknowledged, but not inflicted on self or others. For me it’s an energy that can be “burnt off” with a brisk walk for example. I don’t always get it right even now,especially when feeling vulnerable, but I’m learning and persevere And yes nothing like a good cry afterwards to cleanse it all away. ~ Joyce Marney

It’s okay to cry, we’re human part of our DNA. It’s okay to feel your feelings, and depression does hurt if that’s the case. Feel the feelings, but release the pain and anger (when you’re ready – sick and tired of being “sick and tired”) by taking action: Talking to another about it, maybe you played a part in it (or not), distract your troubled thoughts from you by helping others or being of service/part of something else. I find that extremely helpful, and in that process, I can think more clearly. Thus learn whatever I needed to learn from it, and trust that everything’s okay. ~ Jerry Lo

Most anger stems from fear. Don’t be afraid, and you won’t be angry. ~ John Meekins

It is spiritually healthy to allow our emotions to silently flow along with tears of humble pleading for strength and forgiveness. ~ Vangie Marcelino

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