No matter how hard things were

No matter how hard things were

Don’t worry about tomorrow, today is a gift that’s why it’s called the present. Be grateful for each day even if you happen to be given a gift that changes your emotion for part of the day. Be as positive as you can be. Nothing lasts forever, ever! 

I often start my day with lot of confusions in my mind, confession to my goals, commitment with my self, questions with my destiny and when I can’t come to any conclusion, I leave my faults and collapse to God who will always silently help me to be strong again. ~ Dina Ismail 

It is possible to have positive thoughts at the end of the day by going into prayer, in an intimate relationship with God, who cares about every detail in your life. He is always waiting to hear from you, your concerns, joy, dreams, fears, loves and needs. ~ Phyllis Devlin

I try to end each day before falling to sleep praying for people I know who need God’s special attention health-wise and otherwise. This puts my life in true perspective. ~ Brenda Birdow 

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