Never search your happiness in others

Never search your happiness in others

You need to love yourself before anyone else will. You do not need any reason to be happy. We are in control of our own happiness.

You should be able to love in the first place to be able to make someone happy (or happier – in the case they are already happy with themselves)

Happiness comes from within, liking & loving yourself. Happiness is what you carry, not what your given.

Solitude is like a meditation of silence. It’s very calming and can be very creative.

Live a life without furry and insecurities and love the most without requiring anything in return and acknowledge. All things happen for a reason and then take it a lesson. ~ Grace Pelegrino 

You have to be happy with who you are, before you can find someone else to be happy with. You have to believe in yourself. ~ Wanda Brunner 

One should be always happy with what he/she has because happiness is like a butterfly, the more you chase it , it flies. The movement you turn your attention it sits on your shoulder. 

Happiness is being at peace with yourself and be content with what you have or not have. It is a good feeling that when you feel happy you share it with someone. Because when you are comfortable being alone it flows over other people the feelings you have inside and they too can be happy and content with you. What they call “domino effect”. ~ Norma Powell 

I made my goal when I was very young to really like who I was so I could enjoy the one person who knew me best. You can’t make someone happy if they are not because true happiness comes from within your spirit. Yes, we all need love and companionship and we are human so we do feel pain from being hurt or our heart is broken. Try not to let it define you. Keep getting back up because you are worth it. There will never be another you so enjoy you and your journey. ~ Carrie Ann 

Ever feel happy around someone who shows no respect or caring for you? Don’t ever let them drag you down. Run very quickly and don’t look back. Only you have the power to be happy and you attract other happy people who truly care. ~ Victoria Mack 

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