If a person doesn’t appreciate you

If a person doesn't appreciate you

You cannot expect people to respect you, when you don’t even respect yourself.

The more we are showing our sincere feelings for someone (no matter how long we have waited with loyalty ), the more we face attitude, rudeness and ignorance. Hence its better to be alone by respecting yourself rather than being treated as pebbles which are kicked on the way. ~ Madiha Arif 

We do not live our lives to suit others nor tailor our life style to accommodate any one else’s requirements. Gaining public approval or even being entirely dependent on the appreciation of others is not in one’s life plan. We are essentially who we are and should be respected and accepted as such. Be true to oneself and not let public opinion change the real ‘you.’ Surround yourself with those who know and cherish the person that is you. ~ Margaret Young 

In life there are people who you make connections with, a bond beyond time and space. It may be a friend you have know your whole life, one you have know for a short time, but in the end what makes a lifetime friendship, is trust, laughter and lots of memories shared, memories good or bad, but memories you have gotten through together. ~ Melinda Belling 

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