I only wished she knew

I only wished she knew

If I love someone, truly love them I always tell them. Even if it’s not returned to the extent it’s given, at least I know they know. ~ Adrienne Michelle 

We can not offer an opinion because we don’t know the circumstance of his love condition. Love is a many splendor human virtue and very spiritual in nature, better to speak clearly about this, however I have the feeling the person he is honoring in this statement once knew, and loved him deeply. The human condition is mysterious,and multi dimensional, only those up in years, and rich in experience know how to understand this. Also there are many kinds of love, and they all add up to the need to love, and be loved in return, in the end it doesn’t matter who loved us, but who did we love. ~ Jenny Van Karels

So much time and enjoyment wasted by not telling someone how much you love them. It is so important to share one’s feelings openly, no matter how surprising (as long as it is heart-felt and not psycho). Sometimes the feeling may be mutual. ~ Therese Thompson

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