Have faith in what will be

Have faith in what will be

Being able to “surrender” is of utmost importance. If you don’t surrender, it leads to “disharmony”, dis-ease, “internal strife and discord”. Surrender is paramount.

Feed off positive things more then any negative. I found it is key to happiness. The more I find myself feeding into negative things, I would get negative results & headaches. Being happy with yourself is the first thing to be happy, so the more positive the more likely your going to be happy.

The door will be open unto you; to seek and you shall find; ask and you shall receive. Do you realize that God has never broken a promise. He has never said something that was not true and God doesn’t make mistakes.

Sometimes when we are so powerless over our lives (or indeed our thoughts) the only thing to do is “hand yourself over” to a higher power.

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