Family is not about Blood

Family is not about Blood

Family is not just blood, its those who are truly in your life who “know” you, who will hold your hand & be proud to walk beside you, who have your back, who you can call at 3 in the morning for help. ~ Kylie Giovanni

Sometimes it’s the people you “expect” to be there, they are not. People you never realized cared that much are the ones to get you through it. Just went through something w/cancer patient, it was so overwhelming to see so many who were there, “you find out who your “FRIENDS” are, (and not).

There is blood family and then there are friends who are as close as family. ~ Kimberly Hall

It doesn’t matter if were not blood. It is the people who are there through everything. Who never judge you, and who always say they are proud of you no matter what life throws at you. ~ Neath Swansea

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