Every woman’s heart has different instructions

Every woman's heart has different instructions

Every man can see the instructions from the heart, through the eyes of any woman. If the woman has eyes to see the true soul and love of a man, not the looks. ~ Frank Castronovo 

A man that loves you won’t mind your baggage, he will want to help you unpack. ~ Unknown

She doesn’t need to go out and find one, if she really deserve one, the right person will come along when least expected. ~ Norma Powell  

Just give it time sweetie, your prince charming will come when you least expect it. ~ Vickie Dagenais 

Every being, man, woman and child have things to say and won’t bring up the best in them only when appreciated. Give love to everybody, one day it will be your turn. There is a chinese proverb which says, “Keep A Green Tree In Your Heart And Perhaps A Singing Bird Will Come”. ~ Karima Maach 

You are my heartbeat. I breath you in, you quench my thirst, you feed my hunger, you are my life. I love you my sweetheart. ~ Unknown

I pay attention to every little thing she does and I appreciate her so much. From her cute giggle to get blunt sarcasm. ~ William Dewberry 

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