Don’t ever listen to people who tell you what to do

Don't ever listen to people who tell you what to do

Usually people give unwanted advice. But if we really want to know what he thinks than to convince him that what way we both think differently. Listen, but do what you know right for you. ~ Nitin Kachrani 

Don’t let the opinions of others consume you.

I grew up in a household which are very good at sharing opinions but not always good at encouraging each other to follow their heart. Lots of worry about doing things “right” and “normal”. I find myself giving unasked for advice to friends and family, but I really hate getting advice myself. So, it’s one of my goals to really try to not give advice without being asked. Or, if I really think I need to say something, then ask the person. Can I give you a suggestion? Then they know that it’s only a suggestion and they can take it or leave it. It’s hard and I have to bite my tongue a lot but I also realize that giving unasked for advice is not really listening because we’re just waiting to put in our two cents into the conversation. ~ Cheryl Bateman 

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