Do something for someone who can never repay you

Do something for someone who can never repay you

The one who think they have nothing to give back, are the one who have given me back the most. ~ Kimberly Huynh

Do something phenomenally unbelievable for someone that leaves them so astonished that your gesture to them could never be paid back no matter how they try. Leave people so utterly amazed at your good will that no amount of money can even come close to what you did for them. That’s Living! ~ Marcie Robert

Do for someone with your heart and don’t always expect something in return and your blessings will come in greater rewards and the feeling on the inside is amazing. Can’t get a better feeling than the true doing for someone who can never repay you. ~ Dawn Garrett

People just don’t understand how good it make you feel inside when you do something for someone and you don’t expect anything in return. ~ Elizabeth White

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