Breakups Hurt

Breakups Hurt

True love comes with respect and appreciation, otherwise it is not worth having. ~ Kim Adams

Hard to do but you have to. For your own good. Short term pain for long term gain. ~ Christina King 

Whether it’s an actual relationship, just a friendship or otherwise – the sooner the better too whether you walk away or they do. Surround yourself with genuine and positive people. ~ Deanna Painter

If someone is causing you more pain than happiness. Let it go, it’s not worth saving. A healthy love brings good to your life. It’s not suppose to make you miserable. ~ Denise Kane

You just need to be you and not turn into something else. Someone that goes to the effort of changing you. Isn’t really happy with who you are. Your better off without that. You will find 100% love in those who love you for you, the true you. ~ Donna Craft

When someone lose the respect they once had for you, it’s time to get out and cash out. As far and as fast as you can. ~ David Axlund 

For various reasons, not everyone is capable of sustaining a loving relationship. I’ve learned to pray for them and move on, gently and as swiftly as possible. ~ Linda Radtke 

God has something way better in life for you, even when you feel so deserted. A gain that persons loss. 

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