Being someone’s first love maybe great

Being someone's first love maybe great

Most perfect is it when you can say it’s the first and the last.

I have that rare love. He passed away 13 yrs ago. We were married for 44 years and the memories still keep me going at 82. ~ Lotus Lopes 

God created our life. We are in charge to color it beautiful. Love is not when you get the perfect one but it’s when you feel that the one you love is perfect for you. Hope our love last forever. ~ Rachel Allstrom 

Being the first in everything is a wonderful feeling, but when it comes to love. I’d prefer to be my man’s last and lasting love and be together until I breathe my last than be his first and not be together forever. There is so much about first love being glorified, but I truly believe that it’s the last love that holds so much more value. ~ Mary Tayeng 

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