Beauty comes in all sizes

Beauty comes in all sizes

Beauty does not always depend upon shape & looks alone. Personality & Nature of the person also becomes one of the major contributing factors in the matter of Beauty. It should be all inclusive. It makes no sense in being ‘Shapely, beauty in looks but arrogant in nature & attitude. ~ Vinod Arora

Feel comfortable in whatever size you are. Who cares what the fashion industry says, wear what you like. It is not the clothes that makes the person, it is the person that makes the clothes. Women are beautiful in all shapes and sizes. It is most men that do the labelling. I love my curves and my dark skin. Love yourself! ~ Grace Tarango

Beauty is not the face before you, it is something your inner self & you look, how you view someone. ~ Choudhary Muhammad

If beauty comes in all sizes, then why do people strive so hard to look attractive? Stop playing the clown. You’re not beautiful until you learn to accept yourself as God created you. ~ Richard Nahamko

Beauty depends on how one sees his or her own self and the attitude within. ~ Totchie Ramos

No doubt many people like to be slim and feel it is the beauty. Other like fatty or bulky people. There something many people forget is that no one is beautiful & everything may be he or she has so beautiful bodies but has poor souls. Others have so good souls but may be even handicapped. Everyone has a beauty even if people don’t see it and when if they didn’t discover it. ~ Sh Yousof

Bulk is Beautiful. Love me as I am, It’s as simple as that. ~ Grace Vivian

I was a very fluffy girl that is now down 93 lbs and still working on the last lbs to lose. Gotta say we are great people with real feelings and are hard workers. Don’t always judge a book by its cover. ~ Jo Smith

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