Be happy for no reason like a child

Be happy for no reason like a child

Be like children because of their humility, their trust and their vulnerability. They have deep faith, they take things without much explaining. Sometimes we adults over analyze things and get too caught up in the why and the what and miss the simplicity of the moment. Kids find reasons to laugh, to be silly and to just have a good time without knowing all of the rules. Sometimes it’s just better to “be,” rather than ask ourselves “should I be happy?” We should find all the little reasons to be happy and then, do it. ~ Diane Baum 

Happiness is a choice. Chose to be happy, regardless of what may happen, don’t depend upon some thing to make you happy.

If you need a reason in order to be happy, then your happiness will always depends on outside influences and those change like the wind. Try being happy just because you want to happy. ~ Keith Verdin

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