At the end of the night before you close your eyes

At the end of the night before you close your eyes

Live each day well so you don’t have to go back and make apologies. ~ Lorean Siller 

God is working in our lives, each and every second of every day. I’m so thankful that I’m not broken, a little bent maybe, but a work in progress, no doubt. I love that God is the Creator of me. No one else is like me and I that is awesome. ~ Kim Merritt 

You’ll find that when you’re in the winter of your life, each good day gives more reason to be thankful. First, that God has blessed me with so many good years already. I am so thankful and frankly in awe wondering why I deserve this good fortune. ~ Marlene Fronczak 

I don’t ever ask for much, other than thanking God for letting me wake up to another beautiful day. ~ Cindy Pate 

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