An Ugly personality destroys a pretty face

An Ugly personality destroys a pretty face

Beauty is but skin deep, ugly lies the bone. Beauty dies and fades away, but ugly holds its own.

A beautiful personality shines through and changes the way people view your outward appearance. ~ Lori Boyette 

Negative attitude destroys creative mind.

True Beauty does really come from within.

 Beauty is ruined when a person is ugly inside. ~ Dawn McQueen 

Beauty (for me) is an internal thing. It may show on the surface (in terms of a great smile etc) but it is an internal thing quite apart from someone’s physical appearance. ~ Dave Cunningham 

People that are not attractive on the outside but so beautiful on the inside and those that are beautiful on the outside and so ugly on the inside. ~ Maureen Thompson

In addition to this, just look at the eyes, because it’s the mirror of the soul. ~ Bernadette Bautista 

Even being handsome and intelligent doesn’t help the ugliness that bitterness, haughtiness, hardness, and anger bring. ~ Jane Smith

I know a few people who are very beautiful but they have very ugly personalities which makes them ugly. ~ Dorothy El 

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