You have to get hurt. Thats how you learn.

You have to get hurt. Thats how you learn

The more painful the experience, the more it makes us strong. The only secret is to let go and live on. ~ Edward Maglasang

Those who have gone through a lot, are smiling the most because they know they have become stronger because of the trials they endured. ~ Amy Priest

Each day is a learning process. If at some point there is a lowest moment that could cause emotional breakdown, allow yourself to be comforted by your ambitions, your blessings that you already possessed, the beauty of the scenery the good Lord made for you, your good health; so much to live for. Like a child learning to walk, once a child falls, graze itself, cried, then get up and walk again. The experience or events that is destructive to you, put it in the garbage bag and throw it away. If you are emotionally hurt, keep yourself busy, work overtime. Take a side walk stroll, once you get home you are too tired to do anything then go to sleep. ~ Araceli Tan

Don’t be afraid to fail. Inner strength comes with series of failures and they result in fulfilment and joy. ~ Lydia Trinidad

I’ve been around those who appear to have genuine smiles, but being the observer that I am, see right past it. You can tell a genuine smile from a fake smile when you really pay attention. If they want to be evil that’s on them, but I choose to prove that I can get through anything that is thrown my way and will have a smile to prove it. Someone once asked me why I’m always smiling, my simple response was “Why not?” and I kept right on smiling. ~ Amy Priest

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