You don’t need too many people in your life

You don't need too many people in your life

It is easy to make 50 friends in 1 year, but it is difficult to make 1 friend and keep friendship for 50 years. ~ Sampurn Rawat 

It should be remembered that people come into your life, and leave it, for all sorts of reasons. They should all be thanked for the contributions they have made, be them good or bad, for they have helped to shape your mold. Those who came and left; the lessons that we all have to learn. Those who are still there at the end are the prize. ~ Anne Warby 

A small circle of good people is better than a lot of flaky ones. ~ Dori Bailey 

True friends will always be there for you. However, a real friend will also call you out when you’re doing something incredibly stupid or harmful. Fair weather friends will just agree with you no matter what or turn away when things aren’t going their way. I would rather have an honest friend any day. ~ Pam Fuller 

We need only one person for whole life who must be sincere & appreciate us for exactly who we are especially in relation & love, but when we could not find or successful to bring such persons in our lives. At this time few sincere friends who understand our nature & have care & depth for us & always encourage us, are blessings. Sometimes with little talk we get strength & move forward, otherwise loneliness kill us. We can take wrong decisions instead of right.

A true friend should make you feel needed, confident and better about being alive. If your friend is always putting you down or making you feel worthless and never give you a kind word when you need it, then that friend is not true one. If you want to know if your friend is a good friend, see if they make comments that encourage you. ~ Nneka Aroh 

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