Worry is like a rocking chair

Worry is like a rocking chair

So stand up from that rocking chair, and move. ~ Rochielle Llamoso 

Worry can never give anything positive but makes your brain stagnant. Give all your worries to God. ~ Amaefule Nnaemeka 

Worry accomplishes nothing good whether you’re in a rocking chair or an aeroplane or a war zone. However, positive thinking might just get you a solution. ~ Myra Carvell 

Worrying means that we are thinking, but with a negative mind we do need to relax, but at that time we should look at the problems with a positive energy to get to solutions. Worrying can take you no where but to the hospital. ~ Aasima Zafar 

You can’t worry about the past, it’s over & done. Don’t worry about tomorrow, things can change overnight. Take care of today, it’s only 24 hours. ~ Patricia Parsons 

Quit worrying! It doesn’t do you any good. ~ Gail Goodell

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