Worry is a total waste of time

Worry is a total waste of time

Worry is the over thinking of particular issues that go round and round and round. If it something that you cannot alter the outcome off then why worry? If it is something you can alter the outcome of then you just need to make a decision? However it is the consequence of your decision that is the worry. ~ Andy Manning 

I have realized that I spend a lot of time worrying about people or relationships and I am sure they aren’t doing the same. So in some situations you are wasting time. ~ Christine Smialowski 

Why worry when you can spend that time instead on finding solutions, on taking action to change those feelings, on looking for the positive things instead and finding the light to get you out of that hole.

Worrying about something that has not yet happened is like paying interest on a debt you don’t yet owe. ~ Jodi Marcus 

Sometimes it is good doing nothing. We don’t always have to be doing something. Doing nothing calms me down and helps me stop worrying. I have a day where I do nothing. I don’t even talk to anyone. I read, pray, watch tv, go for a walk and I feel refreshed. If you literally mean nothing I can’t see how anyone can do that. Just sit and stare. ~ Kathy Bennett

“Dialectical Thinking” and worrying. It teaches you how to train your mind on being “okay” with the things you worry about. And if you must worry about something they teach you to set aside 15 minutes a day for “worry time” and that’s it. For example tonight at 6pm I’ll worry (think) about something that is bothering me and that I’m just really not okay with quite yet. Then at 6:15 done, no more worrying about it and do something else to take your mind away from those thoughts. Try it, it works and you’ll find yourself worrying much less. The power of the mind is incredible. ~ Randa Talbott

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