When you argue with a Fool

When you argue with a Fool

It’s pointless to debate with someone who has already made up their mind or simply doesn’t care to hear alternate points of view. ~ Tanja Buchholz 

We should never try & help people out of their ignorance, sounds like the best way to solve the problems of the world. No one else can make you a fool that is something only you can do to yourself. ~ Nicholas Thibeault 

No need to judge others. Realize that people are at different levels of consciousness. If they don’t resonate with your vibrations, it’s best to not argue, but instead pray for them. We never know what personal challenges others might be experiencing. Keep sending out love vibrations for global peace.

I am done and was done long ago arguing with fools. They are toxic and brain damaged. They do not think like most people or “normal people of society”. ~ Hochvatter Danielle 

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