There are two kinds of forgiveness

There are two kinds of forgiveness

I was being told that to forgive others is important for my healing. Instead, I found out that (in my case) to forgive myself was the underlying real thing I had to learn. You do not always have to come to the point to forgive everything in order to find peace, but to forgive yourself and give yourself another chance. ~ Persephone Gasoline 

Forgiveness isn’t only for them, it is for you also. When you forgive someone it lifts a lot of weight off of you. I chose to forgive my ex. We had three separations during our 25 year marriage. But the last time, the 4th time, I forgave and moved on. Bitterness only drags me down. So I chose not to be. Wish him and his new wife the best. ~ Connie Heitz 

I forgave my ex and gave another chance, believed in him and gave him the ‘support’ he needed and then BLAM, he let me down so I moved on without another word. Forgiveness is something that has to be earned. ~ Colleen Robinson 

Whether you decide or not to keep contact with the person you forgive, you should forgive them not because they deserve it, but because you deserve peace of mind. Forgiveness is a pure selfish act, it’s not easy, but really worth trying. Anger only hurts you because most of the time the person you’re not willing to forgive is not even aware anymore of the pain, and grudge you hold against them. ~ Ana Hernández 

Forgiveness is freedom for the soul. Hanging on to resentment and revenge keeps the soul a prisoner to a miserable existence. Choose forgiveness!

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