The poor people are often the most generous

The poor people are often the most generous

The poor people are having the big & kind heart contrary to rich people without soul & heart.

They are not poor of spirit. They are richer than those who have everything. God bless them! ~ Melon Head 

People only truly understand to the extent they have experienced something. Whether its poverty, poor health, loss of loved ones etc, having gone through these experiences makes us compassionate and empathetic with a desire to help others in whatever way we can. ~ Tamara Bali 

It really means that people who have been poor are more willing to help others. Some people who are born to families with money don’t always understand what being poor is really all about. ~ Karol Conly 

I’ve found that poor people give from the heart and expect nothing in return, but when most rich give they want everyone to know so they get recognition for what they do. God didn’t mean it to be that way. ~ James McClain 

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