The Hardest Decision you’ll ever face in life

The Hardest Decision you'll ever face in life

Walking away is actually harder, for some, but in many cases is necessary to open a new door. ~ Tamarie Sirabella

For me walk away when they treat you like you’re not worth the effort. ~ Plainole Marshall 

We only have control of our actions. We cannot try to control someone else’s actions because that will always end with pain. Even holding on to expectations of their actions will be painful. With that being said you can only improve yourself–not someone else–to hope in that way is to bring pain purposefully on yourself. Praying for them is the only option. Still holding onto no expectations of their actions and letting God do the work, ones burdens will be lighter as you go through life. you will find joy in the moment knowing you are doing right. One cannot throw away years because you have learned many things–living in the moment you are in right now IS your only joyful option. The rest of the options are painful. LET IT GO and live in the moment. Keep doing that for the rest of your life. I speak from experience. Everyone who has ever done that will tell you this is the truth. Practice being thankful for what you do have instead of regretting what you don’t have. ~ Michael Lippke

On one hand you need to do all you can to achieve results, to make something/ yourself successful so you shouldn’t give up, but on the other hand when something turns out that it’s not working out for you, it’s better to make up your mind and move on and do something else / be with someone else / live somewhere else etc. ~ Katalin Kobli

I try harder first so I know if I need to walk away I can walk away with my head held high & with pride knowing I did what I could & I have no regrets. There’s a fine line between determination & desperation. The trick is knowing the difference, knowing where that line is & respecting yourself to be determined but not desperate. ~ Treena Nystedt 

If you walk away, don’t go back no matter what they promise you. Take the lessons you learned about yourself, the type of relationship you really desire and deserve and move forward. Never settle for less than you deserve. And next time honor your intuition and heed the warning signs. And there are always warning signs. ~ Simone Lisa 

If you both try and still realize that you weren’t meant to be together, it’s best to walk away amicably then to stay together and be bitter – to resent the person you’re with and to forget why you ever loved them in the first place. My ex and I decided it was best to end it. Our lives were going in different directions. ~ Michelle Whiteley

You will know if you made the right decision if you feel at peace. ~ Yvonne Chapman 

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