Struggles are required to survive in life

Struggles are required to survive in life

You are not alone. I am 1 of many that struggle. Life, my friends is going to be a rough road. I was also unsuccessful in my suicide attempt. I do believe it not up to me. I love passionately, family is my most wonderful joy. It turns out I would have missed a lot of what I was looking for. Say the Serenity Prayer, over & over when it’s a struggle. No rain no rainbows! ~ Cecilia Sane 

I raised and I fall more than I will ever be able to count, but I always stand up again and again for the things I believed in. Failure is not an option, give up doesn’t exist. Not for me! Learning all the time from the mistakes I’ve done along the way but always going forward, no matter how many arrows life throw at me. In order to achieve your dreams you need to fight and persist even when there is nothing left. One more day, one more mile, one more push, one more second can transform everything, can transform a total catastrophe in a perfect success, and this why I will never give up! ~ Gabriel Ispas 

You have to travel through the valley to appreciate the view from the mountaintop. The valley journeys are where you find out what you are really made of and that you need to lean on God for direction through the valley. ~ Carla Richards 


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