Overcome all the people that tried to bring you down

When I look back over the years

You’re still here, which means you did overcome them, but I believe we learn to overcome them till our last breath. But each and every day we can say: Here is another day that I overcame my struggles and I will do it again tomorrow, as long as I have faith and hope and courage that lives inside me. We all have our own ways to gain that strength. You have it no doubt.

When I look back from the point where I get started until this day, the only person who’s truly stood beside me in all the people, heartaches, and challenges is, God. He did everything for me, the cross, my salvation, for the sake of my joy and happiness. Jesus is my past and future. All honor and glory is to him alone. ~ Aldwin Daligdig

Those that challenge us, are learning too. It is how we react that teaches them the lesson, and what a shocker when you return a bad with a good, and walk a way with your heart so full of kindness that it was so worth it. Step back and think, did I hear that right, yes you are in pain? ~ Julie Nulty

My faith and love for God who walks by me to show the way and teaches me how to show others the way on his path of life and you feel great joy and love in your heart for the things God has thought me in life for others. ~ Carolena Martinez

I hope that one day I will go back to them smile and say thank them for the heartaches that they gave me to achieve my goal in life. ~ Rizza Mago

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