Not every person is going to understand you

Not every person is going to understand you

Not every question needs to be answered.

When people simply do not understand you, you might feel they have a wrong impression or idea of you. We strive to be fully known – to have someone embrace our ideals, thoughts, and opinions. But that doesn’t always happen. Never let the argument of being understood have power over the relationship. ~ Brigitte Nicole

If your happy and content with who you are, then it doesn’t matter what someone else thinks about you, especially when the opinion is from someone who is an individual who needs to look in the mirror of who he or she is and do something about the individual standing in front of it, who intentionally hurts others to gain momentum in his or her own life. We are our own worst critics, we should listen to ourselves. ~ Jackie Layman 

Everyone has a right to their own opinion and that is where the sentence needs a period, not a comma. If you care that much about what others think than you don’t care enough about your own thoughts and feelings. Just because someone disagrees doesn’t mean you should change your thoughts. That is pretty weak if you ask me. You live your own life, not theirs. And they will never be you. Be proud and think for yourself. Not saying don’t be open to other thoughts, but certainly don’t let someone tell you how to think. ~ Patricia D Agostino 

When it comes to people understanding me, what their “opinion” is, is not really any of my business. It’s their reality, their perception. I can’t change that. So I either accept how they “treat” me or I don’t. ~ Dottie Shaver

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