No tolerance for drama & fake people

Just eliminating the drama will make your life so much happier and easier!

Someone being anti-social is something completely independent of the message you’re trying to get across here. It’s important to make the distinction because anti-social is a clinical term that refers to individuals who have no regard for people and go against society’s rules and norms without remorse, guilt, or shame. Those who don’t socialize are either introverted or uninterested and should not be pathologized, nor should they have to be confused with someone who has no regard for other people. ~ Milana Istakhorova 

Surrounded by fake people all the time and I can read them well (I smell a rat a mile away). These fake people will come to you to use you so they can benefit from your ideas, your time, your energy and suck you dry so you are left with no money, no energy left. ~ Lita Jacobi 


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