If you concentrate on what you don’t have

If you concentrate on what you don't have

Be thankful for abundance or too little some may have none to choose. 

I thank God for all he has given me. He answered all prayers, and it is amazing. All glory be to him. ~ Angela Adams

Practice gratitude and your blessings will multiply. What you give your attention to, manifests.

Never having enough leads to the reward of accomplishment. When I become self satisfied, I tend to stagnate and not achieve as much as I might when I am hungry. ~ Fatb Oy 

People just don’t seem satisfied with what they have. If only they could experience having less by no fault or choice of their own, then maybe that reflection would let them change their attitude and be a lot more grateful. ~ Alison Ford 

You will end up being unhappy they don’t like anything and haven’t got more. ~ Geraldine Leeder 

More people need to appreciate everything they have in life

I’m so thankful, for both the good and the not so good that I came a crossed in my journey. It wasn’t easy, the road was rough, but I never gave up. I took a detour. I survived. Just know that, being alive is a huge reason to be grateful for. ~ Abby Pahigad 

Gratitude ensures current blessings and attracts more. ~ Amna Jabbar 

It’s our assets that hero us win. Our liabilities help us lose. No one wants to lose but we insist on looking at the liabilities more than the assets. ~ Sandra Blodgett 

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