I learned to Give

I learned to give

When I was 16 my family lost EVERYTHING in a house fire. Our family,neighbors, and people we didn’t even know brought us clothes and shoes, toiletries and lots more. My sister had cheer camp coming up and had nothing to take. One of the parents paid her camp fee, and took her to buy everything she needed. Clothes, cheer shoes, socks, a pillow and bedding set, shampoo’s, towels literally everything. Even drinks and snacks. That’s when I learned that even with all the bad in this world, there ate still quite a few decent and very giving people left. Thank you to all helped the Ray Family in our time of need . Everything and everyone was VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. ~ Stephanie Geary

I learned to have compassion on others because I know exactly how it feels for others to show no compassion. ~ Barbara Bishop

I have learned to give not because I have much but because I experienced and I saw the beauty of giving. An example started from home, friends, and neighbors. Action of generous courageous givers when it is within the power to act. And can be passed on from parents to children, from generation to generation. ~ Mun Ti

I can’t say I know exactly how it feels to “have NOTHING”; but I have been very poor when it comes to tangible “stuff”. I know what it means to eat biscuits and gravy, cornbread and peas on a regular basis, but like I have always heard: “enough is as good as a feast”. I also know what it is to wear dresses made out of feed sacks. However, I have been and am very blessed. ~ Faye Cline

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