How do you move on?

How do you move on?

The only way to forget is to accept, and the way to move on is to look ahead. ~ Johnny Mango 

You have to find your own time to move on. You will know the right time. Nobody is the same and it doesn’t mean you don’t love them. It just means you know they don’t feel the same and it won’t work. Just be calm and keep moving forward it will in time get better. ~ Kimmie Keizer 

When you realize that going back means loosing yourself. That is when you know that the only option to save yourself is to go forward. Trust God for the strength and sometimes he may even have to pick you up and carry you. But you look back and know at that point, going back is not an option. ~ Robin Rowray 

All of us will leave our footprints in each other life. The conversation of soul is one thing that will always be there. No matter if people decides to take away their physical existence from each other’s life; still footprints will remain there. There’s no need to go harsh on anyone for moving. Just get it done with pure Love and that’s what Life is all about ” LOVE “. ~ Yasin Verasia 

Sometimes your heart tries to make you forget the heartache. You’ve been through but your brain reminds you of what he put you through through all the years. You realize you don’t want to go through that ever again. ~ Jo Ann Metz

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