Do not look back and grieve over the past

Do not look back and grieve over the past

Do your best in the present day before you’ll regret someday.

One say that one must be able to learn with mistakes on the past in order to properly enjoy the present and avoid a bad future. ~ Rodolfo Anjos  

Live one day at a time. Live for today. Just be Happy and live in God’s will. He has the key to the Master Plan.

We do grieve but it is how we handle this in our present and future. Remember the beautiful things that is worth to you. ~ Luz Ortiz 

Grief is a natural thing and it is a healing process and it takes time to stop grieving over the past. ~ Madzia Yot
What’s done can’t be undone. Let the past be a memory worth remembering and look forward to a better tomorrow. ~ Jamila Asaari 

As one grows older you begin to realize how short life realy is and how fast things we love can be lost or taken away. ~ Raymond Dolson 

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