A promise once broken, sorry means nothing

A promise once broken, sorry means nothing

A broken promise is like the “Butterfly Effect” the person breaking the promise never thinks about the chain reaction they cause. ~ Cindy Durham

If you break a promise it has to be for a really good reason. When I give my word I will not break your trust. I believe this saying is a little wrong. If you say your sorry and mean it, you should forgive the person because you must have had a good reason to break that promise. I try not to make a promise I know I can’t keep that’s the best way to do things.

There are graceful ways to break a promise. It depends on if you are honest, and offer the other person the choice of how you make it up to them or even if you make it up to them. Apathy is what kills the trust. Caring maintains trust and builds realness. ~ Steve Carroll

Don’t ever make a promise if you’re not 100% sure you can’t keep it. Save the person on the receiving end the heartbreak if you can’t keep it. ~ Kat Garbow 

Don’t even waste your breath to say you are sorry because I will not believe one word that comes out of their mouth. ~ Jennifer Phillips

Someone I know continues to break promises. He doesn’t even think to say sorry. Now I no longer believe anything that this person says. ~ Maxine Vine

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