A person you thought would never hurt you

A person you thought would never hurt you

Never trust someone blindly through words and empty promises. It hurts the most when the single person disappointed you. Somehow take it as a lesson for us to learn and be smart in the future no matter how hard it has been taken in the past.

Focus on the good things that happened to you after the hurt. There’s always a purpose why it happened, a purpose for a better future. You got to focus and you will see greater things. ~ Jelane de Guzman 

It is a deep hurt. You never really truly get over. You move on, but it does change things.

You are hurt by being disappointed in your own expectations towards someone. Are such people worth your pain? If you knew in advance they would hurt you would you sign an agreement to suffer for them long after that? Aren’t you worth that much self respect to move on and not to sacrify yourself to those who don’t deserve your time and energy. Or do they? I know what it means but I also know the only solution is to treat yourself the best way you can in spite of how anyone else did or does. This is the hardest task to take the responsibility of your own feelings and well-being but it is possible if you approach it consciously. At the same time suffering only creates suffering. Everything already “tested” here. It is not worth it to stay suffering. ~ Luis Sillaste 

There is not a single person that won’t disappoint you at some time. That is just the nature of being human. It may not even be an intentional hurt. For example: my grandmother, whom I absolutely adored, shouted at me one day at the dinner table (told me she wished I would shut up, that she was trying to talk to my husband) and it hurt my heart to the core because she had never been unkind to me no matter how mean I may have been. We found out later she had Alzheimers. But, in that moment at the table that day, I could not have been more hurt if she had slapped me across the face. People are going to hurt you and disappoint you but it is up to you to forgive (GOD will help with that if you let HIM) and either move forward or move on. ~ Anita Kinard 

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