Sometimes walking away is the best way

Sometimes walking away is the best way

That’s what I usually do most call it being weak, but I call it being strong.
To respond with anger may be an endorsement of their attitude, but you can respond calmly, without anger, to try and clear things up and then if they respond how they likely will, with more spite and accusations, that’s when it’s best to walk away. Sometimes it’s good to try first, to clear up misunderstandings. Sometimes not, but you have to judge that for yourself, but if they keep causing drama it’s best to go. They’ll continue it long after you’ve gone, just with new victims. At least you’ll be free from it. ~ Libby Dee 
You could stand on your head trying to make the other person see your way but they won’t listen, they believe what they want so why waste the energy. It is best to just walk away and it is being strong. ~ Gretchen Wagner 

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