Someone who doesn’t care about losing you

Someone who doesn't care about losing you

Time heals all wounds and eventually you will find someone who loves you and will treat you like you like you are suppose to be treated and love you as much as you love him, and you will look back and wonder why you stayed so long. You have to make the first move though. ~ Anthony Jackowski 

Someone still living is now no longer part of your life. You have no choice but to let them go if you want them to be happy. Speak your piece from the heart so you don’t have to wrestle with “what if’s.” I learned that loving someone who turns their back with no explanation is incredibly painful, to the point that you physically hurt. I learned that it takes a long time to heal. But eventually you go one day without thinking of them and eventually one day turns into two and so on. Life goes on, you go on.

Experiences change you. The one you’re going through now is changing you. And their experiences are changing them. Eventually you realize that you’re a different person. And if you are, well then they are as well. So that person you knew and loved really does become just a memory. It’s hard. Look at all of these posts. You’re not alone. You keep putting one foot in front of the other. I’m still haunted. Whether it’s a song or a place or a certain tilt of a person’s head or something I want to share that I just know they would “get” and bam! The loss hits, the grief swells and the tears come. But those moments become further and further apart. Hang in there. You will get through. ~ Ali Whiting 

Honestly losing someone you love hurts a whole lot. Its the worst feeling someone can ever have. The pain lasts a long time and seems like it never goes away. The worst of all is knowing that the other person didn’t care as much as you did and they themselves don’t feel the same and live day in and day out as if you didn’t matter to them that much. They move on and get married and live a happy life while your sitting at home still dreaming and thinking about them and wondering what they are doing and if they will ever come back too you one day. You wonder if they are thinking about you. ~ April Faust 

The sad thing is someone you love you want to be truthful with, but if you show your feelings too quickly, that someone can turn away from you. Its all about playing games and that in itself is not honest. Love Is a very difficult emotion to handle, too much and they walk away, too little and they could still walk away, getting it just right is the hard part!! So when you find your soul mate whomever that maybe, work at the relationship, but given yourselves space to grow as individuals within the relationship. Everyone needs space from time to time. ~ Christine Walters 

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