People remembers the 1 thing you didn’t do

People remembers the 1 thing you didn't do

You can love someone and take care of them in every way until they take you for granted and you stand up for yourself and they don’t remember the love and kindness you gave them. Not counting the money and things you have done. ~ Kenneth Westbrooks

Not to take this negatively. This is just another reason why we must worry less about what others think of us. Do 99 things not to impress someone, but because you felt its right thing to do. ~ Ravi Datla 

It’s the inner strength in a person that lets them see the good in themselves. Once you can love yourself it makes it much easier to understand the outlook of other people. They are the ones with issues. The ones who are hurting and sad and lonely that’s a reflection on me but it’s what they see within themselves that causes them to not be responsive to others good graces. ~ Pam Lahmon 

People only remember you by one bad you did wrong or the one thing you didn’t do for them or when they need help. They never remember one most important thing you did for them. I have experienced this many times in life. I have help and give kindness to so many many people, friends, families, close friends, stranger and love one’s. In the end all this 99 things you have done for the people they just don’t care they even wants more from you. So now I still help anyone but I just smile at them and feel sorry and forgive them. Everyone take you for granted. 99% of people don’t recognize kindness, love and care. ~ Mabel Tan 

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