One day it just clicks

One day it just clicks

I am truly proud of the woman I’ve become and look forward to continuous positive growth and experiences. I have come a long way from hurt, emotional pain and despair to where I have finally learn the meaning of joy, peace and happiness and I refuse to let anyone take it away from me. Yes I still get hurt but I refuse to let it define or become a part of me. I release, take deep breaths, taking in all that is positive and helpful to who I am. ~ Mavline Summers 
When you look back at all that you have been through and you made your life better than it ever was: count your blessings. Going forward in your life with people that truly care and love you is the only way to live life. Let the past be just that; the past. ~ Tammy Myers 
God has put so many obstacles in my life but I am so thankful he has made me the person that I am today. I am a fighter I’m a survivor and a very strong woman thank you God for never leaving my side. ~ Teresa Ramos 
The day it clicked for me, is the day I discovered who God is and what HE has gotten me through what my purpose is on this earth, why I survived the things I went through; all the struggles, all the pain, all my trials & tribulations. It was to turn my situations around for HIS glory. It’s not what you or I think of myself but what He thinks of me that matters. Finally, I can smile & humbly say, ” I’m a daily work in progress but I am certainly not who I once was, nor where I use to be, but a lot further ahead in a positive way in this journey called life and ALL because of Him, I am no longer a victim BUT a survivor and the person I am transforming to be. ~ Tena Jones 

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