Never make fun of someone who speaks broken English

Never make fun of someone who speaks broken English

Those people who always pretend that they know everything is a wrong conception of their mind.

When I came to the U.S. in 2007 I was always afraid to talk, because I didn’t want to get laughed at, then one day I realized, hey, if they’ll laugh, all you have to say is: we can continue this conversation in German then we’ll see who laughs. No one actually ever laughed at me, quite frankly they all loved my accent so far. ~ Georgia Ofden 

Never make fun of someone period. You don’t know what’s going on in their lives and it just makes you look like a jerk.

Smiles are the universal language. We can always learn from each other, regardless of language barriers. ~ Kristi Biggar 

Everyone should travel to a country where english is not the spoken language, then people will learn to be tolerant and will become a better person! ~ Keith Lawrence

I have been in Australia for 20 years and still speak broken English and friends often make fun of me but I don’t care I just say what I need to and never have problem that they did not understand me! That is how you learn actually or you will have to depend on somebody all your life ! Better broken English than broken life. ~ Zeljka Nikolic 

It also means they are a little smarter than you because the brain is working harder and learning more! ~ Billie King 

It’s not about grammar and punctuation in English. In Europe they say that American English is terrible sounding and is not the proper way. However, if you speak multiple languages you’re essentially ahead of everyone else. In reality English is not the first language that was spoken in the world. Let someone that speaks only english try to speak another language that they’re not familiar with. ~ Marylou Grosse 

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