Never get too attached to anyone

Never get too attached to anyone

Eventually the hurt and pain will go away, but instead of trying to replace the one you lost with someone else, take it one day at a time, have fun, enjoy yourself, then when you least expect, someone else will be there. ~ Catherine Peck 

First, look at yourself and tell yourself that you are enough. Don’t let them take control over you. Second, distance yourself from them, do fun things, work on yourself, love yourself and accept what happened. Third, learn from it and move on. It hurts and it takes time, but it gets better. ~ Naz Cassiopeia 

You can control it, you should have a pretty good idea early on if they feel the same way and if they don’t, stop it there. Your gut and intuition are always right, listen to it. Trust me, I’ve been there. I chose to ignore signs and got hurt in the end, my own fault. We tend to create things in our mind sometimes if what we want it to be but its not really what it is. Always be cautious! ~ Kathy Ottaviano 

Just be wary of the ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’. They’ll make you feel like you’re the love of their life & when you give yourself to them completely, the mask comes off & they slowly but surely not only mentally & physically, but psychologically destroy you. ~ Jac Ker 

It hurts when you have invested a lot of time to someone who you think cares about you but in the end. That someone decides to go a different route in life. The best thing we can do is hold our heads up high and move on. There is definitely a reason for everything. God puts people in our lives for a purpose and takes them away from us for the same reason. Live and learn! ~ Myrla Higgins 

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