Don’t bring up the past of a person

Don't bring up the past of a person

Past is past and don’t let the person suffer from his/her bad past.. If she/he is working hard to overcome and make her future better, give support and understand what he/she had been through. In life, there’ll be always a 2nd chance for betterment.

It is not our business to bring up the past of others. Our job is to love one another – no judgments.

Everyone has past & we must forget, forgive and accept. Let’s focus on our future and be strong in every challenges that will come. Have faith in God and enjoy every moment that we have.

Some people bring up their own past, can’t move past it.

If you have to constantly bring up the past. You have issues with forgiving and letting go and if you are going to forgive someone don’t do it for them. You want to forgive them for yourself because life is too short to live in misery and the healing process begins with you. ~ Juan Garcia

If you can not bring up someone’s past mistakes, in a way to help them or to heal that part of the persons life, then why bring it up in the first place, unless your truly wanting to hurt them.

People know what they’ve done in the past, they don’t need anyone reminding them what they have done or not done.

No one is perfect. We all have faults. We should be helping not bring them down.

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